A Huge Thank You for having me be apart of the Smashing Fibres Team!


It is always a pleasure to work with fitness leaders and influencers and with those trying to create a shift in the way people see themselves within the health and fitness industry.

One part of my coaching is: Being a Nutritional Health Coach I help and support people who want to create changes that go beyond picking up a book, signing up to a class, a gym or a new program, promise or diet craze. Don’t get me wrong, these ways work for some people, and that is why all of these programs and books and diets are available to buy. However, did you know… *drum roll*…. that there is not one perfect diet, plan, program or workout that is going to work for the majority, or even for YOU. “Woah What!”

This is because we are all so unique and are made up of all sorts of chemical reactions that are completely our own and entirely different to others. This is a huge topic in itself and one I look forward to delving into in the near future (it’s an amazing topic you’ll enjoy and one that will change the way you think about yourself each and every day – can’t wait to share). Now-a-days we are time-poor and looking for easy ways and quick fixes that are promised to us through very clever marketing and advertising. Boom! It’s a huge industry and it seems everyone is getting in on it.

Sneak Peak into what it is I do, beyond nutritional planning:

Let’s look at one part of our brain. Our brains are actually three compartments. One compartment (which has the biggest influence on us and is coined our ‘critter’ brain) is hard-wired into thinking:

‘diets’ = missing out. ‘exercise’ = soreness/pain/embarrassment. ‘program’ = commitment/failure. ‘change’ = unsure/to hard….. and the list goes on.

You can see where I am going with that. Now not everyone is like this, I am merely speaking of the majority of those who’s ‘critter’ brain is afraid of change, failure, fear, disapproval, embarrassment, hard-work… sometimes we don’t even know our critter brain is doing this to us. All of this ‘chatter’ is scientifically proven – it’s how our minds are wired for our own safety, not only is it in the fitness area of our lives but for healthy living, career changes, relationship concerns, parenting… every part of our life is affected by our ‘critter brain’ thoughts.

For example, how many people make New Years Eve resolutions and how many follow through? Actually more than 95% of those resolutions are broken! I have been one of those people, more than I can count. Why do we do this? simply put, when we make big decisions for massive change, your MOFO (motivating factor) isn’t exactly clear to you at this point in time, so if you’re unclear as to WHY you are creating these resolutions, your ‘desire’ and ‘will’ to change subsides and you quickly revert back to your day to day living in whatever form that may be. Why? because your desire to be bigger at the gym, lose that belly fat, work harder, commit more, try to be balanced, cook healthy meals… whatever it may be, the desire is short lived because it only attaches to nothing more than a ‘want’ or a ‘thought’. Wants and thoughts don’t connect to the heart, and the heart (figurative part of passion in the mind) won’t give up what it’s comfortable with in order to progress and create long term change. Wow… Ok, if you’re still with me, congratulations, this is a huge topic but one that isn’t easy to simplify. So what happens after a few days, weeks or even months, we convert back (if we even started) to the way we used to be! Because….. Our minds are set to the safest and most comfortable mode and your brain thinks that your life is perfectly fine just the way it is. Remember I told you your brain has three parts? hence the battles you have in your mind, these can be conversations, corrections, or yelling at yourself, blaming yourself, picking on yourself and praising yourself……Yup, it’s almost like your brain works against your body at times, and if this is how you feel, you’re not alone. This is normal, but your thoughts may not be. Aha!

So another few months pass by and you’re out and about and you possibly grab the next book, register online for another platform that feels great and right for you, signing up to a gym or online program and after a couple of weeks, you regret it and hide away so no-one can ask you how it is all going. or maybe that was just me. ha ha ha. History repeats itself and the process starts again.

If you are one of the 5%, that’s fantastic, did you know that you have created some habit-change in your own mind already and you just need to keep moving forward and staying focused so that each day is a day of healthy living, a choice and a decision you made and have committed to. I love success stories. This is another part of my nutritional health coaching area that I love to assist with. plenty of master tips here too.

For now, let’s leave it at that and begin to delve into some serious ‘healthy’ living Master Tips coming up over the next few months for the Smashing Fibres followers. I can’t wait to share with you the insider secrets to massive change, shifts in mindsets and how to get the most out of your training sessions, your nutritional intake for body repair and healing and healthy food choices, along with chemical reactions in the body causing stagnation and possibly interference with your goals –

Thanks for reading! please feel free to check out my Bio on the Smashing Fibres Team page.

See you soon!

Elizabeth Amy

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