Many of us at some stage in our lives have researched diets or even walked past the bookshelf in many stores to notice the latest and greatest diet that is selling millions of copies, along the the book next to it, and the one below that best-seller and then you see a plethora of books all trying to market themselves to grab your attention…. For a lot of us these days, we are getting this thrown at us on social media now.

Any fitness lifestyler will follow their own unique ideas and diets and so what makes one diet better than another? Why does one diet work for one person and not for another? Why so many diets and how to find the one that fits you….

It’s not as difficult as you might think. You are living and breathing Eco-System, a human being. You’re filled with bacteria and cells that require lots of nutrient and information from food – yes, food is like a mini book that talks to the cells. Crazy right! it’s very true, food or as I like to call it… nutrients, are so important and have such a more powerful interaction with our bodies than one might understand. This being said, food that works best for one person MAY not work best for the next. Why is this? because your chemistry is uniquely YOU and no one else is like you. So how do you pick a diet that feels good to you? Balancing blood sugar (which for some they call it a diet, we professionals call it a lifestyle) will help you to understand in under 1 week, what works best for you and your body. It’s called a ‘4 day diary plan’ – now this is a non judgement ‘reaction’ plan to see what foods work best for you as an individual. You pick the recipes and track it to see your bodies response. Example: It tracks a high protein meal from one sitting to see what reaction your body has over the coming 3 hours. It’s probably the simplest way for you to determine what works for you and it’s an option you can do at home.

This plan is available to download on my website elizabethamy.com and you can begin the 4 day program at any time. You’ll be understanding what many don’t understand about their bodies in no time. Even protein shakes can be added and the following day you’ll have your protein shake with added fats etc, to see which ‘balance’ works best for you. You’ll be understanding your body and assisting with shifting weight, gaining muscle and burning fats.

Getting back to the plethora of diets out there…..So it appears that there are well over 100 Diets out there to chose from, however did you know that they are all based on approximately 100 Dietary Theories. Yup, that’s it.

What this means for you and what the marketing and publishing companies prefer you didn’t know is this simple truth;

A diet is based on 6 nutrients: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Water, Vitamins and Minerals. These nutrients will make up to 100% of every meal. Diets simply MOVE these percentages around and give it a new dietary name, and then a new diet is produced and sold.

All dietary Theories shift the Balance, Source and Timing of the 3 main MACROnutrients (carbs, proteins and fats).

1. The BALANCE is the ratio of carbs, proteins and fats.

2. The SOURCE is referring to the kinds of carbs, proteins and fats (where they come from)

3. The TIMING refers to exactly when to eat carbs, proteins or fats.

Now next time you check out your own diet, or another one that flashes past you on social media or in the bookstore, have a quick look to see how that diet is simply shifting around the macronutrients and after your ‘4 day reaction plan’ is completed, you’ll be able to target a diet that may be perfect just for you. Oh, and if you want to just be the best version of yourself and avoid dieting in general, then start to balance your blood sugar at every meal and working with the foods that work best with your body chemistry, you’ll be amazed at the results. (balancing blood sugar is all about combining all 6 nutrients into the one meal to stop the highs and lows of food reactions in your blood system).

Have a terrific week and I’ll be back next week to talk about how some effective diets are actually scientifically proven (and I mean most diets out there) to be depleting you of much needed nutrients and as the body ages, these deficiencies will become more apparent.

Pay the farmer upfront instead of paying the doctor later.

Elizabeth Amy.

Functional Nutrition and Health Coach.

Image: foodinsight.org. Reference: Elizabeth Amy Health Coaching., Health Coach Institute.

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