About Us

The connection is real, the friendship unbreakable and the laughs, unbelievably Gold.

Two Brothers – Matthew and Craig Holzigal bring Smashing Fibres to the world, based purely from a passion to create a stylish and functional gym wear range, that appeals to a cross section of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you spend your time in the gym, pounding the pavement or simply stepping out. Smashing Fibres lets you represent yourself.

Sick of the mundane and boring ranges available to the everyday man, the brothers decided it was time for a change, to make clothing that not only feels great on but is made from pure quality materials sources globally, the best in handmade designs for mens true body shapes and image, and the ability to have versatility from gym wear to every occasion and day wear.  Loads of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this brand and the brothers are passionate about making it a game changer.

After many years hitting the gym it became apparent that men have very few options when it comes to gym wear, especially gym wear that not only looks appealing but is also functional.

Smashing fibres provides both a high end product at an affordable price. This is something that we take immense pride in. Smashing fibres aim is to become a dominant force in the men’s fitness wear industry, while helping you become a dominant force in your own personal fitness journey.

So what was the inspiration for our name and logo? ” Smashing Fibres” comes from literally smashing your muscle fibres in the gym, and the logo represents an exploding muscle fibre.

Smashing Fibres philosophy is simple. “Represent Yourself”